Where Gene Synthesisand Biosecurity Align

What Is Biosecurity?

Biosecurity refers to measures taken to prevent or stop misuse or exposure of harmful biological agents.

Minimizing Risk

Formed as an industry-led organization, the objectives of IGSC are to: safeguard biosecurity, apply a common protocol for screening DNA sequences and customers while promoting the beneficial use of gene synthesis.

Maximizing Innovation

With the ability to improve many different industries, the IGSC supports the responsible synthesis of DNA for new medicine, diagnostic tests, agricultural biotechnology products, industrial chemicals and other beneficial applications.

About IGSC

The International Gene Synthesis Consortium (IGSC) is an industry-led group of gene synthesis companies and organizations formed to design and apply a common protocol to screen both the sequences of synthetic gene orders and the customers who place them. In addition, the consortium works with national and international government organizations and other interested parties to promote the beneficial application of gene synthesis technology while safeguarding biosecurity.

Formed in 2009, IGSC members screen synthetic gene orders to identify regulated pathogen sequences and other potentially dangerous sequences. By screening the sequences of ordered genes and vetting customers, IGSC members help to ensure that researchers and the synthetic biology community realize the many benefits of gene synthesis technology while minimizing risk.

Specifically, IGSC members screen the complete DNA and translated amino acid sequences of every double-stranded gene order against the IGSC’s comprehensive curated Regulated Pathogen Database derived from international pathogen and toxin sequence databases.

Currently, the IGSC members together represent a majority of commercial gene synthesis capacity world-wide.



Aclid was founded to advance responsible research in synthetic biology. The company's platform is an end-to-end solution for screening DNA sequences and customers.


Aldevron is a premier manufacturing partner in the global genetic medicine field. Founded in 1998 by Michael Chambers and John Ballantyne, the company provides critical nucleic acids and proteins used to make gene and cell therapies, DNA and RNA vaccines, and gene editing technologies. Aldevron’s 600 employees support thousands of scientists who are developing revolutionary treatments for millions of people.

Ansa Biotechnologies

Ansa Biotechnologies combines unique approaches to oligo synthesis and DNA assembly to make DNA in a new way that is faster and more robust than existing methods. Ansa's enzyme-based platform promises to dramatically accelerate innovation in biological research and biotechnology, including therapeutics, diagnostics and biomanufacturing.


ATUM (formerly DNA2.0) offers an integrated pipeline of solutions including gene design, optimization and synthesis, technology platforms for protein and strain engineering and protein expression.


Battelle is the world’s largest independent, non-profit research and development organization, founded to translate scientific and technological advancements into societal benefits. The company’s business spans areas that encompass risk-reduction, security solutions, and technology enablement. Recognizing the emerging complexity and scale of gene synthesis, Battelle developed ThreatSEQ™ services, a web-based, continuously-curated DNA screening platform for the detection, characterization, and threat assessment of sequences of concern.


With a goal of making state-of-the-art genomics highly accessible to the global research community and clinical markets, BGI has integrated the industry’s broadest array of leading technologies, including high-throughput, cost-effective sequencing and synthesis platform, large sample collection and storage, and expert bioinformatics resources, to offer a wide service portfolio around the world.

Bioneer Corp.

Bioneer Corp., an innovative genomics platform company, pioneers the next generation high performance and rapid automation in delivering cost-efficient total genomics solution.

Blue Heron

Blue Heron Biotech LLC is a member of the Eurofins Group. Blue Heron’s proprietary Genemaker® Technology platform makes us the true experts in custom DNA design and gene synthesis.

Codex DNA

Codex DNA empowers researchers with the tools they need to rapidly and securely design, code, and create synthetic DNA. Creators of the BioXp™ system, the world’s only synthetic biology workstation, and the industry-standard Gibson Assembly® method, Codex DNA accelerates advances in the fields of personalized medicine, antibody engineering, vaccine development, biologics drug discovery, and more.

The DAMP Lab

The DAMP lab, a cloud laboratory located at Boston University, supports synthetic biology-related activities by creating novel biological systems using a combination of liquid handling robotics, standardized protocols, and computerized software scheduling.

DNA Script

DNA Script was created to revolutionize DNA write with enzymes. Our core R&D efforts have produced innovations in enzyme engineering, surface and nucleotide chemistries, and instrumentation. The integration of these innovations has resulted in SYNTAXTM, the world’s first benchtop DNA printer powered by enzymatic technology.

Edinburgh Genome Foundry

The Edinburgh Genome Foundry specialises in the computer-aided-design and automated assembly of large DNA constructs up to chromosome size.


Evonetix is developing a radically different approach to gene synthesis – a highly parallel desktop platform to synthesise DNA at unprecedented accuracy, scale and speed.


GenScript USA, Inc., is a leading multinational biotech company specialized in biology research and drug discovery/development services.

Ginkgo Bioworks

Ginkgo Bioworks uses the most advanced technology on the planet–biology–to grow products instead of manufacture them. The company’s technology platform is bringing biotechnology into consumer goods markets enabling companies to make better products. In early 2017 Ginkgo acquired Gen9 and has since integrated the company’s DNA synthesis expertise into its foundries to accelerate organism engineering.


Genome Project-write (GP-write) is an open, international consortium, formed as a sequel to the Human Genome Project (HGP-read), and led by a multi-disciplinary group of scientific leaders. The overarching goal is to oversee a reduction in the cost of engineering and testing large genomes in cell lines more than 1,000-fold over the next decade through scientific and technological initiatives. GP-write technology has launched with a whole genome software design platform as a foundational technology in its emergent international foundry and start-up ecosystem.


The Illinois Biological Foundry for Advanced Biomanufacturing (iBioFAB) is an automated biofoundry based at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a member of the Global Biofoundry Alliance. We aim to automate synthetic biology and biological engineering on the molecule, protein, and cellular scale and provide services for our customers and collaborators, such high-throughput screening and plasmid assembly.


IDT specializes in DNA synthesis, gene construction, antisense oligos, molecular beacons and a variety of molecular biology products.


Nuclera uses enzymatic DNA synthesis technologies to develop a benchtop DNA printer that can deliver gene-length products overnight.

Raytheon BBN

Raytheon BBN Technologies is a leading research and development company, and provider of critical solutions for national defense and security missions.

Synbio Technologies

Founded in 2013 by a group of passionate synthetic biologists with decades of industry experience and a proven track record of delivering cost-effective DNA solutions, Synbio Technologies is incorporated with a single mission in mind: to empower scientific discoveries and drug innovation by providing the most advanced and cost-effective DNA technology platform. The company has developed a full range of DNA reading (sequencing), DNA writing (synthesis), and DNA editing (engineering) capabilities and has delivered satisfactory solutions globally to researchers for various applications, including diagnostic DNA probes, precision medicine, protein production, antibody discovery, vaccine development, novel enzymes, molecular breeding, biofuel implication, and more!


Synplogen is a DNA synthesis company spun out of Kobe University. Combining its proprietary OGAB techniques with cutting edge genetic engineering, information science and robotics, Synplogen provides a variety of services including DNA synthesis, DNA library development and viral vector development for gene therapy applications.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.

Twist Bioscience

At Twist Bioscience, we work in service of people who are changing the world for the better. In fields such as medicine, agriculture, industrial chemicals and data storage, our unique silicon-based DNA Synthesis Platform provides precision at a scale that is otherwise unavailable to our customers.

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