About the Consortium

What We Do

IGSC companies screen synthetic gene orders to identify regulated pathogen sequences and other potentially dangerous sequences. By screening the sequences of ordered genes and vetting customers, IGSC companies help to ensure that science and industry realize the many benefits of gene synthesis technology while minimizing risk.

Currently, the ICGS companies together represent approximately 80% of commercial gene synthesis capacity world-wide.

The IGSC Process

IGSC companies screen the complete DNA sequence of every synthetic gene order against the DNA sequences in a Regulated Pathogen Database, and against all entries found in one or more of the internationally coordinated sequence reference databanks. The IGSC is currently assembling a Regulated Pathogen Database that will include data from all organisms on the Select Agent list, the Australia Group List, and any other national list of regulated pathogens.

Until this is deployed, each company is using its own database of pathogen sequences. At a minimum, IGSC companies screen for all pathogen and toxin genes from the US Select Agents and Toxins List and/or from the list specified in paragraphs 1C351-1C354 of European Union Council Regulation 428/2009.